Hi all,

Just stopping in to say that if anyone would like to collaborate with me on heavy metal material (for games, or videos, or whatever) just message me. I am terrible at replying, but I'll do my best to be punctual.



Been a long, long time.

2014-01-21 20:47:28 by DJShrike



It's been years since I last logged in to newgrounds for any purpose. I haven't checked with any of you guys in a long time. I produce metal, hiphop, and a ton of other genres professionally now, and I'm in the process of writing music for an upcoming album. Expect some tracks, teasers, and just newer and more professional content. I can't believe I've gone at this as long as I have without losing my love of the music.


But this is and always has been a lifestyle for me.



2010-05-08 10:22:07 by DJShrike

been working with a lot more progressive stuff, primarily metal because I'm playing guitar now. So..

Well then...

2009-06-28 11:45:13 by DJShrike

Okay, so I'm working on development on a fangame. I have several tracks that are vastly incomplete without some kind of vocals, so if you're interested in helping me out, you're more than welcome to let me know.
I'm working on a ton of remixes, so expect a lot.