Been a long, long time.

2014-01-21 20:47:28 by DJShrike



It's been years since I last logged in to newgrounds for any purpose. I haven't checked with any of you guys in a long time. I produce metal, hiphop, and a ton of other genres professionally now, and I'm in the process of writing music for an upcoming album. Expect some tracks, teasers, and just newer and more professional content. I can't believe I've gone at this as long as I have without losing my love of the music.


But this is and always has been a lifestyle for me.



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2014-01-21 23:14:54

Man, I feel it, for real. I'm that type of person that gets obsessed over something for all of 3 hours and then forgets about it. Music is the only thing that captured my interest and never lost it. No matter how long I focus on other things, there always comes a time when I sit back, relax, and then get inspired to write something. I've never listened to your music, but seeing this post- I definitely will give your work a listen. You've piqued my interest.


DJShrike responds:

Thank you. My latest work will be nothing like my old work. Looking forward to it.